Why Ultimately I Can’t Vote for Obama

After the 2008 election, I began looking at the big picture from a different angle.  That angle was looking at how this country was coming under greater and greater government control.  I recently answered an email sent to me about donating to his campaign, and I politely replied why I couldn’t do such a thing.

The bottom line is that we as a country are in a pot of water that is nearing boiling.  It isn’t there yet, but it is getting there rather quickly.  If you think back to the early 80′s and when Yuppiedom was the rage, if you think about the policies and unconstitutional acts that have been implemented gradually since then, and if you think about having them implemented all at once in the 80′s, the country would be in an uproar.

So why isn’t it now?  Think about it….  We actually are OK enough with how we are treated at the airport when we are searched by hand.  If a stranger were to do that, it would be considered sexual assault.  Have we been so controlled by fear that we sacrifice freedoms for the illusion of security?

Obama had the opportunity to reverse the Patriot Act, but instead, he kept in in place, and even expanded removing our freedoms by the institution of draconian, or unsafe search methods at the airports, and the institution of programs that allow the CIA to kill American citizens using predator drones abroad.  Now that the door is open, how long is it before it becomes a policy to use predator drones on American Soil.  The CIA have already bee able to operate within US soil, so it isn’t such a stretch of the imagination to have them to take this next step.

Again, all the government has to do is whip up the fear about there being terrorists on American soil, and then there will be more willingness to allow surgical strikes of American citizens on US soil.

That is why we need to stop this slide down the slippery slope and vote for regaining our freedoms back.  We need to vote our displeasure as well.  I will support anyone who supports the constitution and bringing back the constitutional rights of this country.  Obama has already proven that he isn’t that person, so I cannot vote for him.

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