Thoughts on Upcoming Presidential Election Ads

As the election grows near and I see more and more of the ads, the thought comes to me is “What to believe?”  In reality, you can’t believe any of the commercials on either side of the fence.  What you can look at is what has been done in the past with citizens under either of their watch….

Romney does have a record since he was the Governor of Massachusetts.   Obama has a record since he was the president of the United States.  Look at their records of what was passed, how often they kept to their word and what policies they pushed through.  Obama has kept his word on some of the policies that he pushed through, however I have to look at the overall effectiveness they have had on securing our rights as citizens and I must say that of the policies he pushed through, he did not protect our rights as citizens.

He had the chance to overturn the Patriot Act, but he chose not to.  Also during his term, our choice of where we get our food from has been reduced, and further attacks on our freedoms on the Internet have taken place.  I do have to follow my gut on this one and realize that my gut (Intuition) has access to more information than my logical mind.  My gut says that we need a change of administration right away, or it will not be good for this country.



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