Culture Crisis? – Removing Choice from Ourselves.

The whole concept about keeping the Constitution is about keeping choice.  Choice is important because it allows us to grow and expand who we are and what we can do.  Choice works both ways however.  It’s a matter of having the ability to choose what you want, but it is also the ability to experience your choices.  Without the ability to experience your choices, you will not be able to learn the effect of what your choices have on your reality, and therefore you will not have the ability to make different choices to change your reality.

Where is this topic coming from?  It is coming from an email I received from a friend that talked about a doctor treating a medicaid patient who smoked over a pack a day and was dressed in the latest fashion and had a cell phone and lots of expensive tattoos, and calling it a culture crisis.  Now because of the new health care law, this person’s health care is being paid by others through their tax dollars, as she is on medicaid.  The situation does not really allow this woman to experience the results of her choices, because she doesn’t have the opportunty to experinece the results of how she spends her money she will never learn the ability to choose anything better that allows her true freedom and not having to be dependent upon the Government.

This is one reason why we need to stop the momentum of Government to take care of people without creating a method of exchange in some way shape of form, like meeting certain criterial (work training, community service, etc.)  The culture crisis the doctor has talked about is actually beyond those receiving welfare.  I have observed many more young people today than during my time as a young adult having an expectation of receiving without having to do anything for it, or putting in the work to receive it.  I saw an episode of a reality show where a young woman from a very well off family, taking an internship and wanting to get paid more money for what she was doing.  Now this woman consistently showed up late for work and missed several days of work on top of that.  The work ethic was not there, yet she wanted the rewards.  It is becoming endemic in our society, so it is even more important to focus on allowing people to be responsible for their choices so they can break the habit of dependence and truly empower themselves.

One of the reasons I voted for Obama in 2008 was because he said that everyone needs to be responsible for themselves, however, I didn’t look below the surface because I was so not wanting more of the Bush policy (which took away a lot of our civil liberties) at the time and so I didn’t see that it wasn’t really his intention to empower people because his policies have moved people to become more dependent on the Government.  This is why I am going to vote for Romney in this election.  There are views of Romney’s that I don’t agree with however because of the situation this country is moving into, it is imperative to take action that halts the momentum of government dependency.  It is the difference between jumping out of a plane without an parachute and jumping out of the plane with a parachute with holes in it.  If those are your only 2 choices, then you will take the parachute with holes in it because at least you have a fighting chance at survival.  And that is what we need in this country today.