It’s time to strengthen our own resolve and be accountable to ourselves.

We have a democratic government (or rather a democratic republic).  As such, if we don’t like how our government is representing us, it is our responsibility to be vigilant and continuously hold our Government accountable to represent us and our rights at all times.

One of the great things with the Internet, is that it allows the free flow of information.  It is one of the last forms of media that do.  The TV networks, radio networks and newspaper are all owned by conglomerate corporations that have their own agenda and will share only what they want you to know while they give you the illusion that you have unfettered access to information. the vast majority of radio stations out there today are owned by a single corporation, so we hear what they want us to hear.

The Internet isn’t owned by anyone per say, and as citizens, we will have to keep it that way.  There are movements by major corporations to have more control over the internet, which amounts to being able to turn traffic on and off to specific websites, or affect the traffic going to specific websites they deem to be “competitive”.  Again, it’s wanting to control the flow of information so the population isn’t really able to make an informed decision.  This ultimately takes away our choice.  One of the things I see the current administration doing is promoting a more closed government.  If the government is doing anything behind our backs in the “interests of national security”, then we are buying into the fear mentality.

If we are a strong nation, and want to maintain the principles of the constitution, then an open government is the only way to go.  Clear transparency is the only acceptable route.  We as a country, as citizens, will not be able to make informed decisions of who should be running things if we do not truly know how things are.  The age old adage of “the truth will set you free” has never been more true today than ever before.  We are moving away from that truth, and despite the current presidents claims of “having a more open government” it isn’t really the case.  He is promoting another agenda that doesn’t include you and I in the equation.

Again, I have to use my vote to do my civic duty and let the current administration know that they failed at their duty, and they have to leave.  I will hold the Romney administration to the same standards should they fail to live up to their duty as well, which is to put the American people first and foremost through integrity and within the constitutional framework that this country was based upon.