Why The Obama Health Care Act Does Not Really Serve You.

I happened to be on Yahoo news earlier today and saw a news title that was very interesting to me called:  Insurers nervous over prospect of a Romney victory.  That should tell you a lot right?  From this title, it’s obvious that the insurance companies stand to make billions of dollars on forcing everyone into buying insurance that they don’t need because they take care of themselves in other ways that like outside of the “FDA” approved methods of health care.

While Insurance companies are required to take on everyone, they can still limit how much they are willing to pay out.  Now we can’t allow free market systems to work in regards to the health insurance companies.  If we don’t like their solutions, we can’t vote with our wallet and find another solution.  We are beholding to them whether we like their solutions or not.

The ultimate problem is that you can’t make the health industry a for profit business.  Their ultimate goal in the consciousness they are in is to spend as little as possible to create the greatest profits as possible.  They see spending as little as possible as finding reasons to not pay their claims, instead of promoting preventative lifestyles and procedures (anything that reduces stress), as the ultimate way to save money because the population will be more healthy and require less chronic and crisis health care.

At any rate, the fact that they are worried about Romney getting into office means that they could lose their billions of dollars of income through forced purchase of health care insurance.  As you can see, the health care providers played a larger Role than they should have in the Health Care Act.  Obama didn’t have the internal strength to keep to what is best for the people.  Let’s hope that Romney does.  Also, it is our duty as american citizens to hold our government accountable.  Voting Romney into office is that first step.