Obama’s Executive Order Email Update

Well, I got a followup email the next day from the person who sent it about the original email being false and also adding an apology.  This is a good sign because this person wants to work from the truth, and as they say, the truth will set you free.  You have to present your position with truths and not rumors….

That being said, I looked at the additional information that was placed in the email and it was a link on factcheck.org which got my interest….

From factcheck.org..

“In June, the president halted deportations of illegal immigrants who entered the United States when they were children and met certain requirements, such as the lack of a criminal record. The change mirrored provisions of the DREAM Act — failed legislation that Obama supported and Senate Republicans blocked in 2010.

And in July, Obama changed welfare policy to allow states to modify work requirements if they test new approaches to increasing employment. Obama did not submit the policy change to Congress for review, which the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office concluded he should have done.

These executive orders are a way for the President to get around the will of the people.  The majority of the country did not support these acts, and neither did congress, which is supposed to represent the citizens of this country…  another story for later.

If Romney gets into office, and I’m voting for him to get into office, he will more than likely use executive orders as well.  However, now I will see what he is doing and if I see the same pattern of removing our individual freedoms, then you can bet that I will be voting him out of office as soon as possible as well.