Why You Shouldn’t Focus On The Abortion Issue W/ Romney in Your Determination of Who to Vote For

Ok, so I’m a female and I am 100% in favor of personal choice.  In fact the whole abortion issue isn’t really about Pro-life, Pro-choice.  It’s been labeled that way to obscure the real picture.  The real picture is Pro-choice, Anti-choice.  When you think about it, you can be Pro-life and Pro-choice. You can personally believe that abortion is wrong, live your life that way and raise your kids that way, however you can also believe that how you live your life and what your beliefs are shouldn’t be forced on others.  It’s not constitutional and it’s not what this country was founded on…  the liberty to live your life the best way you see fit and the liberty over your own body.

So having started off with that, the reason why I am still going to vote for him even though I 100% disagree with him on his stance on abortion, is the fact that that position seems to be a banner cry for the Republican party in order to garner the Conservative Christian vote.  Religion and politics should be separate and should not be a part of any political platform, or public policy….  Having said that, history shows us that even though that has been a part of many political candidate’s platforms, on a national level, it hasn’t been turned into law.  It seems like more women are beginning to get more of a clue on this one and for the sake of their sisters, realize that this is about them having liberty over their own bodies.

I digress….  So in the grand scheme of things, what is more important is turning this country around and re-establishing the mandates of the Constitution in regards to Governmental acts, policies and laws.  If everyone looks back to the McCarthy era, we can see just how easily things can get out of hand if we allow our public officials to lose sight of what they are really there for…  To protect our way of life within the constructs of the Constitution.

So, this previous administration failed to do that.  It’s time to try a new administration.  Romney should be too busy turning things around than to focus on something that doesn’t move the country towards a stronger Constitution.  If he does waste his time on that, then he should be impeached and not allowed to complete his term, by the will of the American people.