It’s more important to stand for something than against something

It’s more important to stand for something than against something….  Why?  Because whatever you focus on you give power to, and will ultimately come into reality.  When you stand against something what are you thinking about?  That something that you are against.  So all of your energy and focus goes into the thing you don’t want to have in your life.  This concept works in any area in your life…. relationships, work situations, family, financial, health, etc.

There is a saying by Earl Nightengale that says “You get what you think about most of the time.”  Look back in your life at the times when you put a tremendous amount of thought and fear and worry about something?  How did it turn out? Did you end up experiencing some form of what you were worrying about?

It is a habit for us to focus our thoughts this way through socialization and culture.  However that creates more struggle and lack in our lives  and creates much more effort than we need to experience.

So if we were to use this concept in our daily lives,, wouldn’t it make sense to focus on what we want to create instead of what we don’t want to create?  If we focus on what we want to create, we can let providence step in and let the miracles unfold in how what we want comes about.

So way am I mentioning this and how does it apply to the election?

Well, if you take the Anti-Obama stance, then you are focusing all of your energy and thoughts on creating what you don’t want.  That was how Bush stayed in for another term.   There was so much anti-Bush sentiment, that all of that energy ended up going into keeping him in office.  The same thing goes on with the current administration.  If you don’t want a continuation of the current policies, then you have to focus on the what you want in the government.

That is why I am focusing on protecting the Constitution.  If it means the current administration suddenly gets a change of heart and they start doing that, then I’m all for it.  The reason why I am for Romney in this case is because the current administration has proven that it isn’t protecting the Constitution and doesn’t seem like it will in the future base on it’s current actions.  So I will speak with my vote and give Romney a chance.  If he begins to attack the Constitution, or not protect it, then I will focus on replacing him before his term is up.  It’s the President’s job to protect the Constitution and if Romney begins to play fast and loose with it, he needs to be replaced by someone else.  It’s that simple.

There are many things I could stand for.  So why do I pick the Constitution?  Because when you have a strong Constitution, as was done in the Civil Rights era, you can protect the rights of all citizens in our society because you have a solid foundation that you can call on to maintain your rights, which is what the Constitution is about.

We’re not voting for a political party, we’re voting for the Constitution

This election isn’t about Democrat or Republican, it’s about who is going to support and protect the Constitution.  When you think about it and look at it, this current administration and the previous administration were the same in terms of protecting the Constitution.  Neither of them did.  In fact they promoted weakening the Constitution and they are from different political parties.

With the way the news is presented, it is easy to get confused with details and points that really don’t matter.  What someone’s religion, race, views on things that don’t affect the country as a whole or the rights of the country as a whole aren’t as important as protecting the Constitution because with a strong Constitution, rights of those that have been left out in the past, have the Constitution behind them to gain those rights.

If the Constitution is weak and has not been upheld by the Government and ultimately the People, then no group that has been disenfranchised in some way has any support in receiving their rights.  A rising tide raises all ships, but if the water is all drained out, all ships are stranded and no one is going anywhere.  The Constitution was created to protect the citizens from an abusive Government.  It was meant to give the power to the people, and put the Government at the will of the people and not the other way around.  Remember, the Government is here it our will to serve Us, not to serve itself multinational corporations -who have no loyalty to this country and especially the Constitution btw, and special interest groups who don’t care who their policies may hurt.

That is why it is so important to take back this country and show our Government that if they are not willing to uphold the Constitution, then not only will they not get our vote, but they will be asked to resign.  Obama could have reversed the Patriot act within the 1st 2 years, like he said he was going to do, but he chose not to do it.  That was one of the reasons why I voted for him in the last election.  I didn’t forget that and I am holding him accountable for it, which is why he will not get my vote this November.

My Answer to an Email from Michelle Obama

This post was inspired by an email sent out by Michelle Obama in respect to raising funds for her husband. In it she stated that he was a good family man and a good leader and wouldn’t you like support his re-election….  This is what ensued…
I’m sure that most feel, as I once did when I voted for the president in 2008, that the president is doing all he can to lead this country because he SAYS he wants to make a difference.  However sometimes what we feel is making a difference in peoples lives is not the kind of difference that has positive lasting effects no matter how you cut the cookie.  I am talking about the policies that Obama has put into law that not only went against the will of the people and our constitutional rights, both on welfare and health reform. 
Setting the political aspects aside because they bury us in mumbo jumbo that even a rocket scientist has difficulty understand the confusion they create in words, these two examples have a focus on giving a man fish instead of teaching the man how to fish.  Sure, they feel good for the day, but then what?  They are hungry the next day, and they have to be fed AGAIN AND AGAIN because they don’t know how to fish.  Ultimately this drains on the community, on society, and especially on the spirit of that man or woman that is being devalued through not allowing them to gain the knowledge to learn how to fish and instead enslave them into being dependent. When you keep people dependent, or convince them to be dependent on you, and in this case the government, you take a bit of their spirit away each day.  Without that spirit of self worth, you ultimately have nothing, and you can’t give back to society.
Why do I share this?  Because of the latest welfare reforms that were pushed through that don’t teach people how to fish….
It doesn’t hold them accountable to receive welfare.  Removing work requirements and education means they won’t be taught how to be accountable to the community, and more importantly, themselves and their choices.
As an African-American woman, I’m surprised at the devastation that welfare has brought on the black community.  It is another form of slavery that was also experienced by the same community just over a century ago…. effects that still linger in the community because of patterns that were passed down from generation to generation. While the majority (62%) of the welfare recipients are not African American, welfare has become not a hand up, but a way of life to some portion of the African American community and no community, black white to green should experience the effects of this “mental” slavery because the spirit of self worth is taken away through it.
There is nothing more rewarding than experiencing the fruits of your labor.  To be able to say “I did that”  or “I created that”, and show your children how it was done and they can see that they can do it too.  Not only that, but how to do it bigger and better, thus striving
to learn more, have more and be more.  Seeing the difference between where you were and where you are now can be one of the most profound experiences someone can have.  That opportunity is not available to those that have learned the ”welfare lifestyle”, and
this latest reform just keeps them there.  
They will never get past the “Why do something if you don’t have to do anything to get it?’  They’ll never experience the strength in spirit and empowerment they develop when they create something on their own. They learn the  ability to not have to be dependent on anyone, or anything, especially the government.  That is worth much more than the monthly welfare checks a receives time after time again.  Imagine not having the contributions of Oprah to this society, if she had grown up with the welfare mindset.  There are more potential Oprahs out there that can contribute greatly to this country that are now, because of the July ’12 welfare reforms,  being groomed to never reach their potential.  That is a great loss that can never be measured or even balanced out.


All citizens must be given the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but that can’t happen if people are left to be dependent on the government.  What kind of leader leads the population into being disempowered?  Maybe you feel, as I once did,  that are current President  want’s to do what is best for the country, however creating a nation of disempowered citizens is certainly not what is best for the country and that is what I have seen over the last 4 years.
I did vote for the President in 2008 because I thought I heard the things that I am sharing with you in his platform.  However actions speak louder than words and I see that now, it was never in his REAL plan.  This is unfortunate because at this time, we need a leader that will lead the people to empower themselves and be all that they can be.  That is what made this country great.   Romney at this point is our only choice, at least from the point that he is not in a sprint to the finish line of removing the spirit of the AMerican people.  Even though some of his policies also require improvement, they don’t remove your spirit. If you still have your spirit, you have your ability to change things and put this country back on track.  Since I already know that Obama HAS NOT fulfilled his promises, nor does any of his NEW promises look like he will, he has lost my vote from him not fulfilling his word,  Romney now has my vote…

The difference between selfishness and self interest

This is about the difference between selfishness and self interest and how it relates to the current political election.

Let’s face it, we all act from our own self interest.  There is nothing wrong with that, it is how we are wired and how we are meant to make our way through this world.  When we are acting in our self interests unconditionally (without judgement) and responsibly (being accountable for our choices, words and actions), we aren’t harming others.  In fact decisions made from that mentality are in the highest interest of others as well.

Acting in our own self interest, and being able to do so through true choice (because you have everything you need to make that choice) allows us to express ourselves as who we are and be in the joy of who we are.  It has been scientifically proven that our moods affect others.  So acting in our own self interest has an empowering effect on others because we are in the joy of what we are living.  That empowering effect spreads outwards and affects others as well.

When we act from selfishness.  We are acting through fear (fear there is not enough, it’s too difficult, too much, don’t know how, etc.)  This is the opposite side of the coin, and on this side of the coin, selfishness has a disempowering effect on yourself and eventually others.

So how does this relate to the current election?

It’s the ability to be able to act in our own self interests.  That is the basis for the Constitution.  It gives us the ability to make choices, and be responsible for those choices.  If we aren’t allowed to be responsible for those choices, then how well we know if we need to choose differently?  Let’s take the recent passage of the health care act.  That removes people’s choice to get the kind of health care they best see fit for themselves.  Requiring to buy health insurance means that you now have to put your money into a system that may not approve of your choices to maintain your health, and is removing your responsibility for taking care of yourself.  This was the only country in the world that truly allowed people the ability to exercise their free will and a society that supports people in experiencing the results of their choices.  What a great loss if that ability is taken away.

Ask yourself which candidate will have a greater effect in removing our ability to experience the results of our choices?  Look at it from the big picture standpoint and don’t focus on the smaller issues that probably won’t get passed.  Focus on where the past decisions are taking this country to.

The real question to ask yourself for this years presidential election

When looking at the presidential candidates this year, you want to ask yourself this question…  Which candidate is most in favor of restoring the Constitution?  Actually the real question should be “Which candidate will cause the least destruction to the Constitution?”

When I mean Constitution, I am talking about the spirit of the Constitution.  That spirit is the right of everyone to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  However, you can pursue happiness, or have life and liberty if you are not able to make clear choices because you don’t have all of the information, or you have no spirit to make those choices.

Our spirit is slowly being rubbed away by the current and past administration.  What keeps us strong in spirit is our ability to be accountable to ourselves and for our choices.  When we are not made accountable for our choices, we lose the ability to truly be able to choose.

An example of this is the latest Welfare act of the current administration.  They have repealed the requirements of those who receive welfare, so now that those who do receive welfare, don’t have work or education requirements.  This act does not help those recipients, but it harms them because the welfare recipients are not being trained to be able to make more empowering choices that allow them to rely on themselves and not have to rely on the government.

This policy slowly removes the spirit of those that are on welfare, because they will never really be able to create through the joy of their talents.  Why exercise your skill and talents when you are given a check for doing nothing every month?  How many gifts is this society being robbed of because people aren’t encouraged to flourish by using their gifts?  How many more gifts are being snuffed out because this legacy is passed onto the next generation?

We as a nation can either choose to slowly lose our personal and national empowerment through a continual decay of our Constitutional rights, or we can chose to stem the advancing tide of continuous disempowering decay.  I’ll be holding my nose the whole time I’m voting for Romney, however if that is the most I can do at this time to stem that tide, then that is what I will do.

What will you do to protect this country’s Constitution?

Pres. Obama’s Health Care Law

I was never a fan of the health care bill that passed recently.  I don’t like the fact that I am forced into a “government approved” health care option.  There are many forms of health care that are not embraced by insurance carriers.  If there isn’t an insurance carrier that accepts my form of health care, then I shouldn’t be forced to patronize them.  I would be wasting my money.  Health insurance companies aren’t in the business of keeping people healthy, they are in the business of making money.  So what does that mean?  The more money they take in and the less they pay out, the more they make.

So what does all of this mean?  Well, they aren’t inclined to make payouts for prevention.  It has been proven by medical doctors that stress is a major cause of disease.  So to prevent disease and ill health, you would prevent stress.  Look at your health insurance policy, and see how many stress prevention treatments they include…. They probably only include things like massage, reiki or chiropractic care in response to accidents, or in addition to physical therapy treatments.  Bottom line, is that money I could be using to put towards prevention, gets wasted on a policy that will not truly serve me and my style of life.

So what about what they say with the supreme court and legality of the health care law?  Well from the talk around the court and early oral arguments, things may not bode well for the newly passed bill.  Arguments should come out in late June.  I’ll be watching.  I’m not too happy about one more freedom being removed, and the opening of the door for an introduced real estate tax implemented to pay for it!